The road transport industry is an important contributor to the economy. It employs around 3% of the workforce (24,250 people) and accounts for around 3.3% of GNP (Gross National Product), with a turnover of $6 billion a year. The industry carries about 90% of New Zealand's total land based freight

The industry currently has a global shortage of skilled workers.

National Road Carriers Association members operate trucks in all aspects of the industry so if you are looking to change or start a career in the transport industry you should start with a call to one of our Executive Officer's at the NRC office who will provide advice on how to go about this. Phone us on 0800 686 777 or email enquiries@natroad.co.nz

Other helpful websites are:

Employment Opportunities

Driving YOUR future - your route to a career in road transport and logistics

- Download the PDF

If you are a driver looking for work: -

- Email your CV to us or
- Go to our Classified section

If you are an employer looking for a driver:-

- Email us your requirements or
- Go to our Classified section

Employment Resources

The law requires you to have a written employment agreement. You and your employee should both sign the agreement so there is no dispute about what was promised or agreed on.

National Road Carriers (Inc) have a number of templates and guides available to members.

To discuss which contract suits your business, please contact an Executive Officer at NRC or explore the tools and links below to prevent any employment relationship problems.


Employment Agreements

  • Please contact the office to discuss your employment agreement requirements

Kiwi Saver

Employees who start a new job and meet the criteria for automatic enrolmentxmust be enrolled in KiwiSaver, unless you offer an approved alternative superannuation scheme. You must provide KiwiSaver information to all new employees and to any existing employees who ask for the information.

More information on Kiwisaver can be found on the IRD website along with access to other on-line forms, calculators and guides.

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