Membership Application & Fees


National Road Carriers offers two types of membership:

Full members 

Companies that are:

  • that operate commercial vehicles for hire or reward
  • that operate vehicles heavier than 3,500kg

Annual membership cost is based on the number of vehicles operated at that weight

You have:

  • Voting rights at meetings
  • Access to all advice and information provided by NRC
  • Access to all information and resources provided by the Road Transport Forum

Associate members

Companies whose primary business is not road transport for hire and reward:

  • Do not have voting rights
  • Access to information and resources from NRC and the RTF may be restricted

Click below to fill in the online PDF Application form or download it HERE
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Membership Application form

For more information get in touch:

Telephone: 09 622 2429

Free Phone: 0800 686 777