Peter James - Driver for Hire Ltd

Driver for Hire Ltd - Peter James

Driver for Hire Ltd owner Peter James is no stranger to the trucking industry. With 30 years of driving experience under his belt, Peter has joined National Road Carriers (NRC) to grow the new business he has set up to help address the shortage of relief drivers.

Driven by his passion for the transport industry, Peter signed up to NRC to take advantage of the networking opportunities and the legal and advisory services provided to members. Aware of NRC’s great reputation, Peter joined after being encouraged by a friend who is a long-standing member.

“In trucking talk is important,” he says. “It’s who you know and what you know that matter a lot and I know NRC has the right network and contacts for me to promote my business services.”

After seeing obvious gaps in the industry, Driver for Hire Ltd was created from Peters’ desire to deliver what’s in high demand - trustworthy relief driving services and tailored recruitment. For the past few months Peter has been connecting businesses with relief drivers in various locations and teeing up suitable drivers with active recruiters.

“Driver for Hire is designed to close the gaps for businesses looking for drivers on a short and long term basis. It’s about finding the right fit and giving truckies the chance to showcase their skills to business and maybe land their dream job.”

As the owner of a growing business, Peter says joining ranks with the experts was a smart move. From the get-go NRC was able to link him up with connections to get the best legal advice and key information to assist him with his business.

Peter is looking forward to meeting members and using the whole range of NRC member services including advocacy assistance, compliance advice and being a part of the NRC online community.

“As we’re getting our online promotions up and running, I’ve been using my personal Facebook to promote my business to my industry connections. Social media is a useful tool for our trade and I’d love to tap into the NRC pages,” he says.

Currently Driver for Hire Ltd is based in Auckland and concentrating its services in the Auckland and Waikato regions. While it’s still humble beginnings for Driver for Hire Ltd, Peter has plans to go nationwide and has a goal to cover the industry from Kaitaia to Bluff.

Although this is no small aspiration, Peter is confident NRC will be right alongside him on this journey.

*For more information or get in touch with Driver for Hire Ltd Peter please contact Peter by email on or phone 027 430 9500.