Common Q & A's

The NRC Team thought it would be helpful to share some answers to common questions we get asked. If the answer to what you want to know is not here, please feel free to phone us at the office on 0800 686 777 or 09 622 2429, or if it is easier email us on and one of us will get back to you.



What is a Good Service License?
A goods service that delivers or carries goods, whether or not for hire or reward, using a motor vehicle that has a gross vehicle mass* of 6000kg or more, including one that is ‘on hire’ to carry goods.
Who needs to hold the TSL?
A TSL must be held by the operator of a transport service. An “operator” is defined in the legislation as a person who “drive[s] or use[s] [a] vehicle on a road, or to cause or permit the vehicle to be on a road or to be driven on a road, whether or not the person is present with the vehicle.” Who the operator is in a particular situation will depend on the structure of the transport service business being run: for example, through a company or by an individual.
How long does it take to get a TSL?
Before you purchase a truck or sign a contract, it is wise to get the application started as it can take up to 10 weeks due to the "Fit & Proper" vetting process.
What is my obligation if my employee works on a public holiday?
If an employee works on a public holiday, and that day would otherwise be a working day for them, they are entitled to an alternative holiday to be taken at a later date. They must also be paid time and half for the hours worked on the public holiday. An employee who works on a public holiday that falls on a day they would usually work is entitled to a whole day off as an alternative holiday, even if they only work for a short time on the public holiday. If the public holiday is not on a day the employee would normally work, they are not entitled to be paid for the day and they are not entitled to an alternative holiday, but they are entitled to be paid at time and a half if they do work.
Where do I get the Knowledge of Law and Practice handbook?
You can buy the handbook online from Aspeq website
How do I apply for an HPMV Permit?
Before you apply for an HPMV permit, you will need to obtain a high productivity motor vehicle attributes check from an approved heavy vehicle specialist certifier. As well as ensuring that your vehicle and its load comply with the dimensions requirements in the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Rule 2016, you must also check the route you intend to operate on to ensure compliance with section 2.1 (1) of the rule, to make sure your vehicle and its load is maneuverable, fits safely on the road and interacts safely with other road users. Failure to meet this requirement can result in an infringement note being issued. To use the online HPMV portal go too:
Can I get a generic Health & Safety template?
There are a number of templates available on websites, however consideration should be taken into account before using these as there are many different aspects to the transport sector so you may require something more substantial. Contact NRC to discuss further.

What rate should I be charging?
There is no easy answer to this question as there are specifics that need to be taken into account. NRC offers a cost model service free to members, we recommend to get one done as it will give an in depth indication of what your business costs are which will give you a better idea what to charge.

How do I deal with a difficult employee?
Every situation and every employee is different when it comes to investigations and disciplinary issues. Here at NRC we can offer you the best advice on how to go about initiating these procedures and which one of our premium partners can assist if the issues becomes a legal matter.
Why should I use your fuel discount?
NRC has one of the largest fuel deals around the country. To work out your saving we are more than happy to do a cost comparison between your current supplier and our discounted rate.
What is the fuel pricing for today?
As a member you are able to view the current prices through the members section on the website. If you are having trouble logging in please give us a call to reset your password.
Where I can get information about discounts NRC members are entitled to?
Either on this website or give one of the team a call and we are happy to go through them with you.
When is the next rollover prevention seminar taking place?
These events are listed on the website or published on our Facebook page.
Do I need to keep a work-time logbook?
There are restrictions placed on how long the driver of a commercial or heavy motor vehicle may work before taking rest. Restricting work time helps reduce the risk of fatigue in drivers of commercial and heavy motor vehicles.The work time rules apply to everyone who is legally required to manage driving hours, including both drivers and transport operators. The rules apply to you if you drive or operate a vehicle that:
  • requires a class 2, 3, 4 or 5 driver licence, or
  • is driven or operated in a transport service (other than a rental service), or
  • is used in circumstances in which the vehicle must, or ought to be operated under a transport service licence, or
  • is used to carry goods for hire or reward.
Work time requirements do not apply to the driver of a goods service vehicle that requires a class 1 or 2 driver licence and:
  • is used within a 50km radius of the vehicles normal base of operation and
  • is not used for hire or reward.


Can I pay my driver's rest breaks or is this classed as breaking the worktime rule?

Land Transport Act requires that “rest time” is a minimum 30 minute break where there is no work undertaken and it is not spent in a moving vehicle associated with work.

There is no bar on the driver being paid for this work time. The focus for the Agency is that Drivers are able to take a break and refresh themselves before continuing to drive.

The Work time and Logbooks Rule, 5.2(2)(e) requires rest breaks to be recorded, whether this break is paid or unpaid. The Agency will use pay records and compare these to log books when checking that work time rules are being complied with.

We would expect that where the work breaks are being paid by the operator that the driver’s employment contract would state this. TSL holders who operate a GPS fleet management system will also be able to demonstrate that the paid breaks were being taken at a suitable location and when the truck was stationary.

How can I change my Z Card account over to the Z Business Partner offer with National Road Carriers Assn?

The Key Person in your organisation needs to send an email, as per following wording, to CXMASTERDATA@TELNET.CO.NZ and/or NRC

I am the authorised contact of my Z Business account and would like to switch my account setup so I can receive National Road Carriers discounts. I acknowledge that my current Z Business account offer will change to the terms and conditions offered by the National Road Carriers offer.

Member ID: NRC xxxx
Z Account Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Promo Code: NATROAD