Covid-19 Q&A

Q: Do NZTA have a Q&A page?

A: Yes you will find it here:

Q: Is there such a thing as a essential sticker that I must have in the cab?

A: No there is no such sticker

Q: Is Stock feed classed as essential?

A: Yes

Q: Is your office still open?

A: Yes, we are working. NRC Working Hours (interactive PDF).pdf

Q: We run a mechanical business, can we still operate?

A: Yes, for essential vehicles only

Q: Do I need to register with MPi?

A:  If you are involved in the primary business of food cartage, animal feed etc, click on the link to find out more

Q: Do I need to carry something in the cab of the truck?

A: Yes, you will need to carry a copy of delivery points, what process you have in place for your driver, any order details preferably on Company letterhead.

Q: We run a truck wash facility, can we operate?

A: Yes, but for essential vehicles only

Q: Can I deliver fertiliser?

A: Yes, it is on the essential list

Q: We are struggling to get Service Stations to provide Coffee for our drivers?

A: We are currently working alongside the RTF on this issue

Q: How do I get a COF?

A: Various stations will be open to give COF's to essential vehicles only.  You will need to go onto the VTNZ and VINZ sites to see a list of these.