Bridgestone Road Transport Hero Award

  • 02 Feb 2016

The Bridgestone Road Transport Hero Award recognises the efforts of a member of the road freight industry who, in the course of their normal employment, saves or attempts to save others from harm.

Any full time industry employee is eligible for the award if they have undertaken to (but not limited to):

· Rescue or attempt to rescue a fellow traveller in a life threatening or potentially life threatening situation.

· Rescue or attempt to rescue any other person found to be in peril.

· Avert a fatal outcome or more serious injury through subsequent actions.

The relevant 2016 dates for nominations are:

· The incident must have occurred between 1 July 2015 and 31 July 2016

· Nominations must be received by the Road Transport Forum by Friday 26 August 2016

Further information and nomination forms are available from the Road Transport Forum website,

We encourage you to submit nominations.