Important for livestock transport operators

  • 29 Feb 2016

MEMO from the Road Transport Forum

It has been reported that auditors at some meat processors are checking truck cabs for stock crate certification documentation and in those cases where that documentation is absent transport operators are being issued with CAR’s (Corrective Action Required).

The carrying of that paperwork is a requirement in the RTF Stock Crate Code and is a legacy of times when information recording and sharing was significantly more constrained than it is now.

The National Livestock Transport and Safety group are currently addressing this situation. In the interim transport operators should ensure current stock crate certification documentation is carried in the cab until this issue is resolved sufficiently. That should be by mid-March. The NLT&SG will advise on that.

It has also been reported that auditors are requesting drivers for evidence they are qualified for the NZLTA and Alliance assurance programmes. The drivers licence is the only evidence required to be provided. Drivers will recall that licence detail was the only information captured to confirm programme participation when they joined. The NLT&SG is also addressing this with programme managers.