Help for those needing Trauma Counselling

  • 01 Mar 2016

Just a reminder that if you or someone you work with needs some support through a traumatic period in their lives that we encourage you to contact Vitae who work with NRC as a service provider.

Vitae say;

Counselling can help with managing conflict, coping with change, stress, grief, career transitions, relationship issues, gambling, alcohol / substance abuse, parenting, conflict, pain, trauma, anxiety, depression and many types of emotional difficulty. We’ve learnt through 45 years of experience that, on average, two to three counselling sessions leads to measurable improvements in workplace performance. A 24/7 freephone number and email contact is available to all employees.
To see how counselling can make a difference contact If you have an urgent counseling need, please call Vitae on 0508 664 981.