Are you heading away this long Labour Weekend? Know before you go!

  • 19 Oct 2016

This Labour Weekend the NZ Transport Agency encourages everyone heading off for a break to “know before you go” and check the Labour Weekend Hotspots map.

The Hotspots map collates information from previous Labour Weekend journeys on the times where traffic is heaviest.

The Transport Agency advises people to consider avoiding travel during the times of heaviest congestion.

“Increased traffic volumes, tiredness and driving in unfamiliar environments can make driving over these long weekends not only more stressful but also more risky,” says the Transport Agency’s Journey Manager Lee Wright.

“Remember you’re sharing the road with many others, you have a responsibility to be courteous and patient to ensure you look after yourself, your families and other road users.

“When traffic is heavy and driving conditions are less than ideal a safe speed might be lower than the posted limit. We’re urging everyone to be patient, relax, and enjoy the journey.”

The Transport Agency will stop all maintenance road work for the holiday weekend unless there is an emergency, but there will be speed restrictions in some places.

“Our weekend shutdown will help keep traffic flowing smoothly, but we do ask people to observe speed limits and watch their following distances through work sites.

“Planning before leaving home together with considerate driving will help people reach their destinations safely, enjoy the spring break, and then have a safe trip home.”