Share the Road campaign success

  • 22 Nov 2016

Innovative road user campaign reaps award

Share the Road, the campaign that puts truck drivers and cyclists in each others’ shoes, has reaped a prestigious industry award.

Campaign Manager Richard Barter, receiving the award, said it confirms the value of the research that went into creating Share the Road workshops and activities. ‘Behaviour change on NZ’s roads is critical in encouraging more kiwis to cycle. Putting cyclists in the cab of a truck, and truck drivers on a bike, is really helping change the two groups’ attitudes to each other, which all goes towards making kiwi roads safer’.

Share the Road workshops, supported by NZTA, give the two groups clear guidance on sharing the road in a manner that is safe and respectful. In both truck and bike workshops, professional facilitators bring participants through a structured set of exercises to help raise awareness of their responsibility in road safety. The campaign has been running over three years, and was recently extended for a further three. It originates in work over the last decade by Cycling Advocates Network (CAN) which originally brought Wellington bus drivers and cyclists together to share experiences.

Richard said the award, from the New Zealand Local Authority Traffic Institute (TRAFINZ), is thanks to the support of many members of the trucking and cycling communities in NZ. ‘This award is a tribute to all the support and help given to us by local councils, cycling advocates and the NZTA, not to mention trucking companies, National Road Carriers, NZ Trucking and Road Transport Association NZ, and the many many drivers we’ve had contact with’.

While the focus has been on engaging truck and bus drivers through their employers, cyclists are now being targeted in an initiative that aims both to build cyclists’ confidence in basic skills, and to raise awareness about the features of heavy vehicles such as logging trucks.

‘It's only when the drivers go for a ride, and when the cyclists jump up into the cab of a truck, that they can understand each others’ position’, said Richard.

The New Zealand Local Authority Traffic Institute or TRAFINZ represents local authority views on road safety and traffic management in New Zealand. See
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