Business Benchmarking Reports for Industry

  • 08 Nov

The NZ Business Benchmarking Survey has been conducted annually by the University of Waikato for over 35 years. The financial business data analysed is collected from NZ accountants and rigorously screened to generate robust financial information. The results generated by the survey provide a valuable tool for assessing business performance, highlighting areas for improvement, and setting targets.

The following reports are available for the Road Freight Transport Industry to purchase:

· Road Transport - Cartage Companies (sample size 54 firms)

· Road Transport - Cartage Owner Operator (sample size 43)

The benchmarking reports include the following:

· financial information for over 425 classifications (ANZSIC plus our business specific custom classifications)

· 35 key ratios including standard financial measures, per person ratios and personnel numbers

· aggregate results for each classification; and breakdowns by Income, Profitability and Location

· the spread of results for each ratio, enabling firms to see where their results are placed

· results of the three best performing firms, yielding insights into how they achieved their results

To order reports please visit . On this page click on the document link 'NZBBS_OrderPack.pdf' and you will find information on the survey, a generic sample report, a full list of industries covered, and an order form.