David Aitken: New Government needs to improve road links as well as rail

  • 16 Nov

Political pundits have enjoyed delivering easy to digest soundbites disguised as analysis during coverage of the recent election and the formation of a new Government, but to declare it to be a victory for road or rail in transport priorities shows an ignorance of how the freight transport industry works.

Road and rail freight are complementary. Freight transport is an integrated service between road and rail available to all companies who need goods shifted.

The inland ports at Metroport Te Papapa, at Wiri and development of the Ruakura facility at Hamilton are all about co-ordinating rail and road freight movements and depend on both rail and the road freight industries working together.

Trucks deliver and collect from these and other major rail freight hubs throughout the country. Customers depend on trucks to deliver the freight from the rail head to the final destination, or get the freight from its initial source to the rail head.

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