RTF - Essential Skills Review Circular

  • 21 Feb

MBIE have advised the changes to Immigration New Zealand’s Essential Skills in Demand Lists are effective from 19 February 2018. The revised requirements for each occupation can be found on the Skill Shortage List Checker together with the full lists.

The truck driving occupation has not been added to either the ISSL or LTSSL in this revision.

The next Essential Skills In Demand List review is expected to commence in April 2018. RTF will continue to lobby for the truck driving occupation to be added to the Essential Skills in Demand lists and we are cognisant of unresolved recommendations within the 2003 TERNZ Driver Recruitment and Retention report.

It is very apparent that until those issues are successfully dealt with it is unlikely the truck driving occupation will be added to the skills shortage lists.

The skill shortage checker list can be viewed here: