NZ roads said to be one of the country's biggest issues for drivers - survey

  • 24 Jun

Above: John Baillie, Baillie Transport Ltd. Go here to see the video

A survey by the National Road Carriers Association (NRCA) has revealed that the safety of New Zealand's roads is one of the biggest issues drivers face.

"The roads in a lot of places in the country are in a very poor state of disrepair," Ballie Transport's John Ballie said.

Mr Ballie runs three trucks that deliver goods to supermarkets from Auckland to the King Country and says there's a lot traffic using the road than ever before and "we're not keeping up with the maintenance".

The NRCA asked truck drivers to post photos of unsafe roads on its Facebook page, and within three days they received numerous concerning images.

The organisation now plans to collect all the data from its Facebook campaign and present it to the government.

"I think our government needs to step up and acknowledge that we have a roading issue in New Zealand," NRCA Chair Don Wilson said.

"It's not only the poor surface, it's the safety of our roads."

Transport Minister Phil Twyford says the government is spending more than five and a half billion dollars over three years to maintain our road network, including safety features such as median and side barriers, but truck drivers say our road surfaces are just as important.