NRC Chief Executive's Report 2018-2019

  • 01 Jul 2019

CEO’s Report

It’s always pleasing to report National Road Carriers has continued to go from strength to strength! In the last 12 months membership has grown, we’re cash flow positive, we’ve looked to continue to improve member engagement and building closer relationships with stakeholders. We continue to provide a voice and representation for the road transport industry via government and local government agencies, related business sectors including infrastructure and ports and the road-using and voting public.

None of which is possible without the NRC team, the Board and you, the members, support.

Our primary focus continues to be and will continue to be representation and business support for those who choose to make a living in the Road Transport Industry.

Part of this support is our cost model which has seen a resurgence of members revisiting their costs. Given its importance, we are currently working on an updated version.

The driver shortage continues to be a major issue. You will have read in NZ Truck & Driver and our Full Throttle magaine what the Road Freight Transport/SWEP group initiative has been doing in this area.

Hopefully you have seen our roading campaign that has been picked up by national media.

There is a definite groundswell of anecdotal evidence that the roading network is deteriorating faster than ever and the maintenance that is been carried out is generally substandard and not lasting. What we, NRC and the Forum are looking for is hard evidence that can be taken to government. A government who is clearly focused on other transport modes at the expense of road freight and the roading network. We can only fight this battle with your information and support.

Back in March we asked for feedback via Facebook about what was causing heavy vehicle crashes, given the increased reporting of them at the time.

What came out of it was;

· Better education was needed around truck safety and dynamics for new truck drivers

· Better training & education of the public around trucks

· Improved road conditions

· Increased pressure from management and dispatches

· Pressure of long hours and fatigue management.

All things we need to consider and work on moving forward.

We continue to provide member benefits through our partnerships, particularly with JLT Insurance, Mobil, Vodafone, Fortune Manning, and Super Advice, which is seeing a growing uptake of lifestyle interruption cover. We are pleased to have recently renewed our partnership agreement with Z Energy/Caltex which will soon see a joint Z/Caltex card opening up the network of Truck Stops and Service Stations to NRC members. Although our primary business is representation and support, these partnerships allow the Assn to resource a lot more then we could have without them.

We are also looking to the future to research and advise members on exciting developments with new generation low emission diesel engines, biodiesel, electric vehicles and fuel cell technology as in hydrogen fuelled trucks – which are already being used in Japan and the United States for line haul.

We have organised a “Future of Freight” breakfast seminar July 31st at the Remuera Club. We have expert speakers covering Diesel, Biodiesel, electric and hydrogen. The aim is to give operators a clear picture of what the future holds for each and when and how realistic each actually are in order to help you understand and start thinking about future purchasing decisions. For those who can’t make it, it will be recorded.

NRC saw our membership grow in 2018/19 in addition to the new Western Central and Whanganui members who joined the association in June 2018. We welcome these members who have had what I believe to be a smooth transition into the NRC fold. It is heartening to see the value of association membership being recognised by these operators.

In December 2018 Nick Leggett was appointed the new CEO of the Road Transport Forum. Nick’s energy and his experience as a chief executive, board director, and former Mayor of Porirua has made an immediate impact. You will have seen Nick already making his mark representing the New Zealand commercial road freight industry. Nick will be updating us shortly on the work of the Forum.

To NRC we also welcomed new Executive Officers Tom Cloke in Taranaki and Jason Heather in Auckland, both of whom bring considerable industry experience, plus the energetic Marie Klokova as Membership Marketing Co-ordinator. These appointments along with our existing experienced team enable NRC to continually function and provide the support that serves the needs of our members.

Since last year we have looked seriously at business and environmental sustainability. The road freight sector is a responsible and professional industry and it is great to receive sector support. Watch this space for more activity in this area as we look to take a lead on environmentally sustainable practices that can drive savings and provide better financial returns to our members businesses.

We are about to undertake a strategic session in order to put a new strategic plan in place. We have involved members and broader stakeholders in this process with a quick survey that came out this week as we continue in our journey towards building a stronger, more sustainable road transport industry. This strategic plan will give the Assn a clear direction moving forward. Details of the plan will be reported to members.

Thank you.

David Aitken
CEO National Road Carriers