TruckR App Development

  • 08 Jul 2019

The Road Transport Forum (RTF) has been working with New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) National office over some months to redevelop the TruckR App and expand its capability to include a range of features that would have appeal across the whole sector. Some of the newly proposed features are as follows:

• Road works notifications, Fuel stop information, Toilet stops
• Rest areas, Cell phone coverage areas, Accommodation information
• Truck repair information, Passing lane information, Trailer swap areas
• Food / restaurant / café information

The purpose of the survey is to gauge the level of interest in the new app. The initial support from industry has been less than compelling. Even though the survey was distributed and highlighted by an official at the recent Twizel seminar, only a single responder provided the completed form to NZTA.

If there is not significant industry support the App won’t be developed. The future of the TruckR App is in the sector’s hands.

Please take a moment to complete the survey buy following this link;