Time to stop pushing road vs rail barrow

Time to stop pushing road vs rail barrow

National Road Carriers (NRC) is not surprised by the findings in a report commissioned by Ia Ara Aotearoa Transporting New Zealand Transporting New Zealand, Road and rail – delivering for New Zealand.

NRC COO James Smith says “It is shocking the Government is still pushing the road vs rail barrow.

“We have an integrated supply chain where all modes play a role and all deserve to be funded appropriately.

“The carbon debate ignores the exponential growth in low or zero carbon road transport.

“Nothing beats road transport for resilience and given our highly unstable geology with many overdue ‘big ones’ combined with increased adverse weather events the need to invest in a road system that is resilient and productive is critical.”

Smith said National Road Carriers has many members that would use rail more if it was more reliable and cost effective. The same members also need good quality roads.

“So I agree 100 per cent the narrative needs to change. Stop taking dollars from one mode to prop up another as it simply defers the cost.”


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National Road Carriers Association (NRC) is New Zealand’s progressive nationwide organisation representing supply chain companies. It represents 1800 members, who collectively operate 16,000 trucks throughout New Zealand. NRC supports its members with legal, financial, employment relations, health & safety, workplace relations, business and environmental advice. It advocates on behalf of members and works with Central and Local Government on road transport infrastructure and regulations.