Log Transport

The Land Transport Safety Authority (LTSA) called a meeting in late 1996 inviting the Forest Owners Association, selected Log Transport Operators, Road Transport Forum, Trailer manufacturers, Transport Engineers and the Logging Industry Research Organisation (LIRO).

​Those at the meeting were notified that the rollover rate of the logging fleet was at an unacceptably high level (averaging 1 per week), and since it was identified as being a Forest industry problem what were the Industry’s strategy for addressing this unacceptable situation. This placed the issue of solving this clearly on the Industries shoulders.

​This clearly highlighted the need for the Log Transport Sector to have a single unified entity that could canvas opinions, seek input, co-ordinate and formulate the sectors views, ideas and opinions on industry issues and initiatives that encompassed the views of all major industry sectors. This saw the formation of the Log Transport Safety Council (LTSC) as the vehicle by which the differing groups within the industry’s transportation sector could combine to address such issues in a structured and unified manner.

​Following on from those early meetings and the initial development work in the three main areas identified as strategic in order to achieve the sectors target of zero rollovers:

  • ​Education
  • Vehicle Dimensions
  • Logistics’ and Operations

Through a concerted effort in these three key areas, the efforts of the LTSC have had significant positive impact not only on the rate of trailer roll-overs, but on the overall safety of the sector as a whole.

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