National Road Carriers welcomes new commercial partner Spartan Finance

When NRC launched its refreshed business strategy in 2022, the organisation was clear that commercial partnerships were a priority. Insights from the member survey challenged NRC to have wider strategic thinking on delivering business solutions, with 50% of respondents identifying asset finance partners as an area for future focus.

Justin Tighe-Umbers, CEO, NRC says, “Spartan Finance is a great fit for NRC as the two organisations share several synergies. First and foremost, we both work actively for trucking firms to be successful. The road transport sector employs over 108,000 people, is responsible for 4 percent of the countries workforce and 5% of New Zealand’s GDP. Not only do thousands of people rely on the sector for their livelihood nationwide – New Zealand’s entire economy is connected to the transport industry’s ongoing sustainability and success.”

For most NRC members the financial outlay for large assets such as a truck require lending support.

“Spartan Finance not only helps members identify the best financial solution they also provide guidance tailored to the specific needs of business,” says Justin. “Spartan has a strong focus on making sure operators are not over extended and looks to assist operators with making the right capital decision for the phase of their business.”

Spartan Finance is a financial services broker, providing lending for trucks and assets, specialising in the transport sector. Spartan Finance is expert at setting up finance for both outright purchase and lease.

“Part of what we do is help demystify finance,” says Mark Williams, Managing Partner, Spartan Finance. “Transport operators generally have a good understanding of their business and what they believe will add value for future growth, but identifying the right finance solution is not always clear. There isn’t a one size fits all lending solution available to the transport sector. Because we understand transport, we can compare multiple lender rates and terms to find the best in market solution to meet the business’ current needs.”

As a Board Director for NZ Trucking Association (NTA), NRC’s partner organisation in the South Island, Mark is closely connected to the challenges the industry faces and the Spartan Finance team is uniquely placed to support transport businesses to succeed.

“On behalf of our members we would like to warmly welcome Spartan Finance to the NRC family,” says Justin. “Establishing and maintaining a wide range of commercial partner relationships that add true value is what our members have asked of us, so it’s a pleasure to kick off 2023 announcing such a strong partnership.”