New HARMfree Transport and Logistics Programme promises to reduce injury and harm across the transport sector

New Zealand’s leading transport bodies, New Zealand Trucking Association (NTA) and National Road Carriers (NRC), are excited to announce the launch of the much-anticipated HARMfree Transport and Logistics Online Portal. The industry-leading programme is specifically designed to reduce injury and harm across the transport sector and offers practical tools to help operators reduce workplace risk.

For the year, July 2022 to June 2023, Worksafe recorded 14 fatalities across the Transport, Postal and Warehousing sector. Concerningly, for the period Jan-June 2023 workplace fatalities for the sector are already at nine.

“In our view that’s 14 families too many who have lost a parent, child, or partner,” says David Boyce, CEO, NTA. “The HARMfree portal gives the transport industry access to a bespoke programme designed specifically to help reduce these numbers. We can’t lose sight of the fact every injury or life lost not only impacts the individual and their family, but it also has a negative flow on effect to the New Zealand economy.

"We are proud to be able to bring HARMfree to our members and the wider transport industry. The portal serves as an excellent platform for connecting with peers, accessing resources and information on good work design, supporting well-being and mental health, and provides a roadmap for engaging with industry training providers," says David Boyce, CEO, NTA.

"The fact HARMfree is industry-led and designed means it translates seamlessly to the people on the front line who need to use it. Health & Safety should matter to everyone. HARMfree provides access to a network of H&S professionals across the industry, who can give a helping hand to operators to grow their own knowledge and practices. The ultimate goal is to create an industry of safety champions that encourage and support each other to create a safer working environment that excels in H&S and HR best practice," says Justin Tighe-Umbers, CEO, NRC.

HARMfree is designed to improve workplace safety and worker well-being in a language and style practical for the transport and logistics sector. HARMfree is a collaboration between the NTA, NRC, and industry partners Success Formula, Fit For Duty, and AutoSense and funding from the ACC Injury Prevention Grant has helped accelerate the programme.

Supporting the programme is a steering group comprising of industry stakeholders, H&S professionals, and transport and logistics operators. These experts provide guidance and contribute resources and ideas to the programme, ensuring that the content is reliable and can be effectively implemented throughout workplaces.

HARMfree Transport & Logistics Programme

Designed to empower both leaders and workers to instigate behavioural changes in the workplace and manage hazards related to psychosocial harm, HARMfree offers transport and logistics-specific content that addresses the unique challenges faced by the industry, particularly the high number of incidents in and around vehicles.

“Transport and logistics workers often face high-pressure, demanding working conditions, circadian disruption, sleep deprivation, and, in some cases, long periods of isolation, leading to stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. HARMfree brings all of this together into an easy-to-follow programme, saving time for employers and providing practical, easily implementable information,” says Boyce.

The programme integrates into existing Educational Engagement Programmes, including The Safety MAN Road Safety Truck and the AutoSense #EYESUPNZ campaign.

HARMfree is split into four key focus areas, each practically designed to cultivate a sea of H&S Champions delivering world-leading results.

  1. Good Work Design (GWD) in the workplace is essential to help reduce psychosocial harm, increase productivity, and benefit worker well-being. GWD involves designing work tasks, systems, and equipment in a way that optimises workplace health & safety, worker performance, worker well-being, job satisfaction, and business success.
  2. Well-being is at the heart of the HARMfree Transport programme. A company that champions their workers well-being will result in a better culture, with workers who are happier, focused, more productive, and motivated on the tasks ahead. Focused resources are provided to support mental, physical, social, cultural, and spiritual well-being as well as diversity & inclusion and a range of other areas.
  3. Training provides companies with a host of benefits. HARMfree provides courses to upskill and empower leaders and workers across a range of training options and providers. Training is essential to regulatory compliance and risk management. The programme helps transport operators reduce the risk of accidents, incidents, injuries, avoid legal liabilities, and promotes a safer, more productive workplace by ensuring staff are properly trained and qualified.
  4. Connecting and opening lines of communication between H&S Champions provides a platform for knowledge sharing and continuous personal, company and industry improvement. H&S Champions often work independently or wear multiple hats. HARMfree opens access to peers, support groups, events, seminars, webinars, and podcasts.

Keen to become a HARMfree member or partner?

The HARMfree Transport & Logistics portal is live now at

If you would like more information on how to become involved with HARMfree as a supporter or partner, please contact Programme Manager, John Sansom, at or 027 244 5221.