Justin's Transport Minute

Today the country has been waiting for the announcement on the make up of our future government. Some seats may swing, the power-balance may shift a little between coalition partners, but the outcome is already clear – New Zealand has voted for change.

Keyboards are clattering around the country on briefings for incoming Ministers, or BIMs as they’re know in the trade, as advocacy groups seek to make the most of the opportunity for change.

National Road Carriers and our partner NZ Trucking Association have penned our joint BIM to the incoming Minister, whoever that may end up being.

We are clear on the fixes needed: the fundamentals of productivity, roading, funding, workforce, and fleet transition all need major improvement. These are complex, multi-faceted issues, which require careful, coordinated policy responses if we are to avoid driving further costs and structural harm into the economy.

The good news is, we have the expertise to help, and we want to strategically partner with government to get us back on track as quickly as possible.

Get this right for road transport, which delivers 93% of goods throughout the country, and you’ll also deliver a major shot in the arm for the whole economy.

We look forward to working constructively with the next Minister of Transport, and the wider government to get this done.


Justin Tighe-Umbers

CEO | National Road Carriers Assn

DDI: +64 9 636 2951