Knowing Your Costs


The NRC Cost Model is New Zealand's most up to date, predictive cost model program for commercial motor vehicles. It can predict the annual cost up to 12 months ahead of any size of transport business, from single vehicles to large complex fleets.

You can use the Cost Model Tool to plan your business, and see the impact that different options for the same scenario might have on you operating costs.

Each report includes easy-to-read graphs to help you see important results at a glance, as well as detailed figures to help you and your accountant undertake in-depth analysis.

The report is fully confidential to the person submitting the data and not used by NRC for any other purposes.

How to get the best results

Like any predictive tool, the Cost Model is only as good as the information you provide. The more accurate that information, the more useful the subsequent report will be.

Once you've collected the data needed, allow about 10 minutes to actually enter it. In most cases, your report will be available within two business days. If we need more information, we'll contact you to request it.

Information you'll need

Section 1:

  • Your contact details and who else you want the report sent to.
  • Make sure the contact number you enter is the number you will be available on during normal business hours.

Section 2:

  • Financial information including general overheads and expected annual turnover.
  • Details of any loans not associated with a vehicle.
  • Costs and revenue entered in this section are distributed among the vehicles you operate.

Section 3:

  • Vehicles, trailers and any items of plant.
  • Items of plant can be entered separately. This is useful if you want to separate things like fridge motors, cranes or machinery such as bobcats.
  • Vehicle loan and finance details, fuel use, RUC vehicle type and weight, annual kilometres travelled and wage details.

What if I'm not sure about some information needed?

You can easily change any data either as you're using the online form or by calling us later.

Free to members

The Cost Model is free to members.

For non-members

A charge may apply.