Justin's Transport Minute

Another busy week for the team here at NRC.

Reshaping streets MOT initiative - we’ve sent through our submission on the MOT’s Reshaping Streets consultation, you may have seen James’ e-mail earlier this week. It’s crucial that the road freight transport industry’s voice is heard as councils work on creating more liveable spaces for communities. I encourage you to consider submitting too, the email gives guidance on how to submit, and add your voice to the calls for protections for freight and courier deliveries. There is a clear move towards better utilising suburban streets so they are safer for our families to walk, cycle or come together. But freight still needs to be delivered. With sensible regulation I think there is room for both in our cities.

Worksafe moves on Aramax couriers – this week I read a very concerning investigative journalist’s account on how WorkSafe are targeting alleged driver exploitation at Aramax couriers. It outlines some distressing cases where drivers have been pushed to the limit by their delivery contracts, even as far as considering suicide in some cases. While such examples are by no means widespread, as an industry we have a collective responsibility to make sure everyone is treated with respect and dignity. NRC takes this very seriously. We have services that can help owner-drivers determine if their freight contract terms are fair and reasonable. Please make use of them – and don’t forget to check in with your colleagues, often a simple “are you ok”? is all it takes.

NRC attends hydrogen working group – while decarbonising road transport may feel less pressing than drivable roads and making ends meet, it is coming faster than many think. The Sustainable Business Council, which has a significant number of large road freight customers as members, has a target to halve heavy freight emissions by 2030 (from 2018). NRC is working to ensure that this move to reduce carbon is achievable and affordable for members. We call this a “just transition” – where all parties contribute to the cost of decarbonisation, not just the transport operator.

Last week our very own Chief Operating Officer James Smith represented the road transport industry at an all day Hydrogen Council workshop.

Incredibly, New Zealand is leading the charge on hydrogen. James saw it in action powering buses, cars, trucks and even an America’s Cup chase boat. It’s clear hydrogen is emerging as a serious contender for road transport applications.

I hope you have a great weekend with family, friends and loved ones – or if you are working, drive safe.


Justin Tighe-Umbers

CEO | National Road Carriers Assn

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