Justin's Transport Minute

This week NRC have been preparing our response to Waka Kotahi’s Interim State Highway Speed Management Plan consultation. We’re working closely with the NZTA managers and are highlighting that one of the biggest underlying contributors to road safety is well-maintained roads. Every day we see evidence that road maintenance has been underinvested in, and bad weather is accelerating damage while maintenance is already well behind. Diverting of roading funding away from roads to support climate change initiatives is just adding to the problem.

Under maintenance is frequently the reason many of our roads are not up to the speed at which we drive them. A lot are poorly maintained, narrow, and inadequately sign posted, and sadly the number of lives lost on our roads every year is testament to this fact.

NRC does not support the blanket reduction of speed limits on our roads; however, we do support speed reductions on roads that are known to pose higher risks to motorists.

We know reducing speeds alone will not help New Zealand reduce its road toll. To ensure safer roads we need urgent investment in both the maintenance of our existing road network and its future infrastructure. We need an evidence-based coordinated approach that supports ‘Road to Zero’ while protecting and enhancing the freight corridors New Zealanders rely on to receive their goods and services. Lack of investment in roading infrastructure is no longer acceptable. These are the themes that will form the basis of our submission.

Moving onto a happier topic, from time to time I’ll be highlighting the great benefits that NRC members enjoy – as I’m learning not all members are familiar with our full offering. This week I want to highlight our partner Cyclone IT Services, who give all NRC members the same huge purchasing power for computers and IT gear that the largest companies in New Zealand enjoy. The prices Cyclone offer are well below what the general public pay, I’ve used them myself to by school devices for my family. All this month Cyclone are offering an exclusive deal for NRC members – nearly $800 off the high-spec HP Z-Book. An amazing discount on a product perfect for taking with you on the move. Only while stocks last – get in touch with Peter Walker quick!

Justin Tighe-Umbers

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