Justin's Transport Minute

We’ve all managed to take a bit of a breath after a hugely successful TMC Trucking Industry Show which saw nearly 40,000 people check out what was on offer on Saturday – pretty much double what we had anticipated. And a really fantastic result for the industry - well done to NZ Trucking Assn for running such a great event.

TVNZ One News’ piece is worth a quick look if you have the time – we all know attracting talent is a challenge and the team did a great job talking about the industry and highlighting the opportunities – New Zealand's biggest truck show rolls into Christchurch.

We achieved a great milestone this week with the New Zealand Intermodal Transport Safety Group (NZITSG) sending the final version of the Good Practice Guide: Safe Operation and Maintenance of Sideloaders (Good Practice Guide) to Worksafe so they can consider it for endorsement. NRC is pleased to support the roll out of this crucial programme, as health and safety across the transport is an important issue and one that needs to be a priority for all operators. The Sideloader Good Practice Guide provides a practical resource that will both lift safety awareness and processes within the industry – and for accredited operators demonstrates they have achieved a high level of competence and have strong safety processes in place. Major step forward for sideloader safety.

Much of my focus this week has been catching up with partners such as Auckland Transport and NZTA, with a focus on the big issues and how we can work together to deliver tangible solutions. Every conversation we have with Government and officials is critical as we work to shape transport outcomes for our members and the wider industry. I’m pleased to report we are continuing to make really good progress collaborating and working towards getting the needs of the trucking community translated into deliverables.

This week I want give a call out to Move Logistics for celebrating diversity with their new pink, purple and blue trucks. The trucks are hitting the roads as a celebration of all the women in the industry – they give a nod to women who are driving, running transport businesses, pulling hours in the workshops, and managing the offices or yards. It’s great to see transport companies leading and investing in diversity. For those of you with LinkedIn its worth checking out TR Group's post on Move Freight Celebrating Women in Transport Activity.

Justin Tighe-Umbers

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