Justin's Transport Minute

With all too frequent regularity a large part of New Zealand’s trucking community finds itself preparing for yet another spell of road closures and disruption.

Cyclone Gabrielle has already turned into a “severe” Category 3 status storm, and is being billed as the storm of the century so far for NZ. Where it exactly tracks of course remains open, but prudence and meteorological modelling dictate that we all prepare for the worst.

At National Road Carriers, the team has been busy implementing our emergency plan. Primarily this means ensuring that we are plugged into Auckland’s Joint Transport Operations Centre, and NZTA journey manager updates. The team will be attending any emergency stand-up meetings, and working through with authorities road and freight network disruptions, contingency operations, detours, closures and any temporary regulatory changes needed. We will be your voice to officials as to how best to support road transport operations and keep the freight and supply chain corridors open. As with the recent floods, we will be sending out frequent road network status update reports to our members. We will also be putting the latest updates on the landing page of our website www.natroad.co.nz.

For all those of you working hard keeping the supply chain open during the cyclone, thank you, and stay safe. The NRC team is here for you, as always if you need any help don't hesitate to call us on 0800 686 777.


CEO | National Road Carriers Assn

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