Justin's Transport Minute


I really enjoyed the opportunity on Friday to have a chat with our members and partners over a beer at the AGM, thanks to all of those who attended what was a very successful event.

Some members couldn’t get there in person so, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share the top themes of the evening.

Our strategy is simple invest in our organization – growing our people, our capabilities, and our processes. That in turn allows us to grow the benefits we deliver our members, our services and partner offerings. And we continue to invest in our relationships, with government and industry, so NRC continues to provide expertise and leadership for the road transport industry.

NRC’s best asset is our team. Watching this year James, Paula, Woody, Shakthi, Steve and Ian in action – what stands out is how passionate they are about this industry. Because they’re from this industry and have it in their bones.

Working with our industry partners to strengthen in the voice of the road transport industry is a key part of our strategy. Our MOU with the NZ Trucking Assn was a natural move, as organisations it is clear we share a common understanding of the key issues affecting the sector, and what’s in the best interests of industry to fix them.

Right now, this industry is facing the most critical set of challenges it has in the last 100 years. A collapsing road network, an acute driver shortage, and emissions reduction targets all at the same time require absolute focus from us. To swivel inwards and focus on our own industry structure now would give the policy makers and officials a free pass to put through their own ideas on “what’s best for industry” without our input, uncontested.

Our position is to constructively co-operate across the industry associations, working in good faith to align what we call for from government wherever possible. If we do this well, over time we may find our organisations better positioned to take more formal steps towards industry consolidation. In the meantime, we remain firmly focused looking outwards, calling for the critical changes that we know are urgently needed for our industry.

John’s full AGM chairman’s report and my CEO address can be found on the NRC website [hyperlink] should you be interested.

Have a good weekend and stay safe on the roads.