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Another flurry of political activity this week on the transport front…anyone would think there’s an election coming.

Yesterday, the government announced a transport “Government Policy Statement” (GPS) out for consultation. With less than 60 days to the election, the danger is many will consider the GPS a dead rubber, as they say in sport. In its simplest form, the government’s transport policy amounted to $20b of spend on roading, public transport, and yes, cycleways. The sting in the tail is that it will be paid for by fuel excise duty going up 12c a litre. And as we know, where FED goes, RUC goes.

This morning, one of our members put it to me really well. More FED & RUC simply equals higher cost of goods which equals more inflation and away we go again. So many kiwi families are already struggling on the breadline, hitting them with another 12c a litre on top of 7% inflation is the last thing they need.

(As a side note our member popped into to NRC offices to drop of a box of morning tea as a thank you for all we do. Result – a very well fed and happy team!)

As James Smith (our GM Policy & Advocacy) said to Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB this morning, we have to do this smarter. RUC and FED are sufficient for paying for maintenance, but for the big road builds we need to use overseas funding, public-private partnerships and tolling to get us the roads we need.

Also released today is the Ministry of Transport’s Freight & Supply Chain Strategy. The strategy provides a high-level view of the challenges the sector faces and potential pathways forward. Having a comprehensive, unified strategy for our freight & supply chain sector, sitting above transport modes underpinning it, is long overdue. It has been a comprehensive and critical piece of work by the MOT, and I’m pleased to say NRC have been closely involved providing advice into the strategy.

All transport operators should take the time to get familiar with it, despite the election it will underpin where our sector goes for the next decade and beyond.

Enjoy your weekend, and stay safe.


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